Location: Norwich
Staff: 18
Sector: Software
Website: www.fxhome.com

FXHOME is a leading technology company based in the centre of Norwich, specialising in imaging and visual effects products for filmmakers and photographers on a global scale.

Visionary development projects are currently underway to bring FXHOME products to hundreds of thousands of new users within the next five years.

To achieve this ambition requires unprecedented expansion and diversification, embracing new platforms and leveraging FXHOME’s key advantage: the cutting edge technology used to drive its HitFilm and PhotoKey software.

From Red Bull’s Night Race Series, product launches and major sporting events such as Wimbledon to independent film projects such as Video Game High School and Compound Fracture, FXHOME technology has powered creative projects around the world.

A major, on-going partnership with Sony Creative Software continues to combine FXHOME software with the world’s largest consumer video editing application, significantly raising the profile of the HitFilm product.

Business growth is aided by external funding from local investors, supported by the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership through the Growing Business Fund. In May 2013 over £58,000 of crowd-sourced funding was secured using the Kickstarter.com platform, nearly double the original target and confirming strong interest in FXHOME products from the wider filmmaking community.

Turnover has increased every year and is forecast to exceed £1 million during 2013-14.