Beattie Passive

Beattie Passive

Location: Hethel
Staff: 5
Sector: Green Technology

Beattie Passive was formed five years ago by Ron Beattie, who is both an architectural designer and practical builder, with his wife, Rosemary, who has an extensive background in the construction and property industry.

The enterprise follows Mr Beattie’s patented innovation of a new way to build utilising the Passivhaus methodology, which incorporates high insulation values and low air tightness through a continuous insulation process and can cut a building’s consumption of energy by 90%.

Beattie Passive is the only company to be awarded Passivhaus certification from The Passivhaus Institute in Germany as a complete build system.

Initially set up to sell licences for the building technology, demand has led to delivering construction projects for social housing and bespoke homes in Scotland, Cambridge, Sheffield, Coventry and now locally in Great Yarmouth through the new joint venture with The Norse Group – Beattie Passive Norse.

One of the visions of Beattie Passive is to help encourage youth employment and through its simple build methodology it is able to encourage younger people back into the house building industry. This is currently being demonstrated by working with students in Great Yarmouth College for the developments across Great Yarmouth.

From a low starting base, in that five-year period the company’s turnover has risen to £2.5million in 2012 and is set to be up to about £5.5million this year and is continuing to grow rapidly.